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The life and death of the one-point agenda

Posted in Uncategorized by baigsaab on August 19, 2008

Musharraf quits, so swiftly that it might even have surprised the coalition partners. And herein lies the big test for them. They had a common enemy, that common enemy is no more, and consequently, the coalition has lost its raison d’être. What’ll happen next is a test of their characters, sincerity and honesty. For that I took the help of history to try and see what we might expect from the future.

Since the inception of Pakistan, all political forces in the opposition have gathered on one and only issue; oust the government. And to achieve that goal, they withstand their internal differences and work day and night to achieve that goal.

But this kind of unnatural alliance is a political time bomb. Achieving that goal marks the beginning of an even greater political turmoil. The coalition partners differ on the manner of the proceedings, the priorities, and other administrative affairs – first in little undertones, then in a seemingly random outburst from an outspoken representative, and then the party leaders come out in the open with all guns blazing. This has happened before, this is going to happen again.

It’s only a matter of “when”, not “if”!

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