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Paradox of Pakistani Society

Posted in Islam by baigsaab on April 17, 2008

The Pakistani society is a unique one. We have deep-running roots for the love of religion. Almost every mosque is over-crowded in Friday prayers despite the fact that there is at least a mosque every kilometer in major cities. If the huge congregations in Madni Masjid and Faizan-e-Madina on Thursday night are any indication, people crave for any opportunity to learn about Islam and practice it. Yet, it’s becoming even more difficult to follow the religion in the country, and much easier to follow western fashion.

It’s easier to have a goatee than a full grown beard, much easier to wear a jeans torn from the knee than wearing a trouser above ankles, easier to listen to songs than listening to Qirat. Worst of all, offering of prayers is much more difficult than watching a movie. It doesn’t mean that there’s a resistance from the masses, but there are certainly more than a few eyebrows raised in such cases. Even people with the religious mindset don’t resist their children from following the western fashion, and don’t push them to offering prayers. In a nutshell, despite the growing numbers in the mosque, the quality of the followers is depleting quickly.

What I feel is that as a nation, we’ve separated what we like and what we know is right. Despite the widespread belief that Music is prohibited, we’re producing more musicians than ever before. Liquor is freer than ever, so is adultery.

There’s widespread hypocrisy in our society, we love what we learn to hate since childhood – cheating, lying, bribing, extorting etc. And it is this deliberate hypocrisy that’s brought about our downfall as a nation. Knowingly doing wrong leaves irreparable scars on the character of a person – person who is the unit of society – society that’s digging its own grave.

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