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Irony in Multan

Posted in protest by baigsaab on April 19, 2008

Policies in Pakistan are invariably a joke!

Just on Tuesday, angry mob ransacked the MEPCO office. Dozens of cars were burnt, property losses are still being recorded. Protests went into the second day with around 40 men arrested under the anti-terrorist law. We saw officials retaliating strongly against the protesters. All of this havoc due to a commodity called “electricity”, which is rare in Pakistan.

The irony of the situation is, in the same city, probably across a few blocks, two teams were playing an international cricket match, under lights. And to add insult to injury of those protesters, there was no power outage like the one in Lahore.

Ok, I concede that the stadium may be running those lights on generators, which is quite the standard these days. But the laymen don’t understand that do they? For them the math is simple, light runs on electricity, and that comes from WAPDA.

Wouldn’t it be nice on part of PCB to arrange day-only matches for a low-profile series such as this? I wonder!

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