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Whom do you follow?

Posted in Uncategorized by baigsaab on April 17, 2008

What strikes me most is that people following the fashion are following it for no apparent reason, they don’t know who started it, who they’re following. Followers of religion, however, are much better-placed in that the majority of them know who they’re following.

Ever wondered why an Elvis fan dresses like him? How a fan of Sachin can bat like him and become a Sehwag? Why do a Manchester United fan wears a ManU jersey with Rooney’s number on it? It means that being identified as a fan of their heroes is so important to them that they’re ready to forsake their own identity for it. Most Sikhs may be identified in a thousand. Because most Sikhs apparently follow what they believe. It’s not a matter of being right or wrong, it’s a matter of conviction, of believing that your version of truth is the real thing.

Fashion is a crazy phenomenon, no one invents it. And anything can be “in” before we realize it is.

What if religious dressing becomes in vogue? What if trousers above ankle become the next best thing from Paris. What if long beard became the in-thing? What if wearing a turban or a hijab gets into mainstream fashion. What if the west adopts Islamic fashion quicker than us?

Will we follow it then?

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