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Posted in Islam, Social revolution by baigsaab on April 21, 2010

The modern age is the age of professionalism. This is the age when being workaholic is not a disorder but a demand. People now cannot tend to their most basic needs because they haven’t the time to do so. Being ahead from their peers in the rat race remains the ultimate desire of every individual. So much so that to be ahead in life they forsake their basic rights, right to be happy, right to be content, right to be with the family, right to be religious etc. Today’s civilization seems like a giant web which has tied us in invisible strings where we’re supposed to do only three things: Go to work, go home, and prepare to go to work. Even our recreations are a way of supplementing this schedule.

But there are times, when destiny laughs in our face and makes us feel so helpless that we’re left wondering if we had any power all along. It’s at such times that our monotony comes to an abrupt halt. One such instance is when we’re witnessing the funeral of a loved one. At such a time, none of our “most important and most urgent” errands are so much as important as the grief of losing our loved ones. Work can wait then, because we’ve humbly submitted to our destiny.

The same hand of destiny is currently holding an entire continent- who is the flag bearer of atheism in the world- in a state of paralysis. Europe’s air travel has come down to an absolute halt due to hot toxic ash oozing from a glacier.

(Boston Big Picture)

I couldn’t help but laugh at the remark from an acquaintance that “isn’t it ironic hot lava is coming from Iceland!” The volcano, Eyjafjallajökull (Pronounced something like Aiya-fjadla-yeugdul), is a veteran of centuries and since the time of its reawakening last week, has spewed enough fumes and toxic ash into the atmosphere to have spread over almost all Europe.
(BBC News)
That’s why all flights coming in and out of Europe have been seized, leaving hundreds of thousands of commuters stranded at airports, airlines incurring daily losses of over 200 Million USD for accommodating customers, even Germany’s Chancellor has had to make her trip back home from Italy via car. Those who could afford are opting for the Intra-Continent train system, and some have opted for the fairy, converting one industry’s misery into another’s pleasure. The majority of people are those who are left stranded. People who were supposed to be on urgent assignments abroad have had to realign their schedule, they couldn’t have done otherwise. No matter how badly the airlines and the passengers want these flights to take off, conditions are absolutely not favorable for flight and there is high risk of plain crashes with ash blocking the engines. Worse, the glacier is still exhuming its contents and there’s a fair chance it could continue to do so for a month or even more. Worst, it could trigger other volcanoes which are somehow quite abundant in Iceland.

Our businesses run on the premise of predictability. We hope that the world wouldn’t come to end tomorrow. That’s why we leave our loved ones behind everyday to work because we believe that we’ll come back in the evening to see them again. This predictability comes from the laws that ALLAH (swt) has embedded in the universe: law of gravitation, law of entropy, law of aerodynamics, law of surface tension, law of aging etc. ALLAH (swt) declares this tranquility in the Quran as one of His Ayaat.
In Surah Faatir it is mentioned:

إِنَّ اللَّهَ يُمْسِكُ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضَ أَن تَزُولَا ۚ وَلَئِن زَالَتَا إِنْ أَمْسَكَهُمَا مِنْ أَحَدٍ مِّن بَعْدِهِ ۚ إِنَّهُ كَانَ حَلِيمًا غَفُورًا

خدا ہی آسمانوں اور زمین کو تھامے رکھتا ہے کہ ٹل نہ جائیں۔ اگر وہ ٹل جائیں تو خدا کے سوا کوئی ایسا نہیں جو ان کو تھام سکے۔ بےشک وہ بردبار (اور) بخشنے والا ہے

Lo! Allah graspeth the heavens and the earth that they deviate not, and if they were to deviate there is not one that could grasp them after Him. Lo! He is ever Clement, Forgiving. (41)

On another place it is mentioned in Surah Shoora:

إِن يَشَأ يُسكِنِ الرّيحَ فَيَظلَلنَ رَواكِدَ عَلىٰ ظَهرِهِ ۚ إِنَّ فى ذٰلِكَ لَءايٰتٍ لِكُلِّ صَبّارٍ شَكورٍ

اگر خدا چاہے تو ہوا کو ٹھیرا دے اور جہاز اس کی سطح پر کھڑے رہ جائیں۔ تمام صبر اور شکر کرنے والوں کے لئے ان (باتوں) میں قدرت خدا کے نمونے ہیں

If He will He calmeth the wind so that they keep still upon its surface – Lo! herein verily are signs for every steadfast grateful (heart). – (33)

In Surah Room it is mentioned:

وَمِن ءايٰتِهِ أَن يُرسِلَ الرِّياحَ مُبَشِّرٰتٍ وَلِيُذيقَكُم مِن رَحمَتِهِ وَلِتَجرِىَ الفُلكُ بِأَمرِهِ وَلِتَبتَغوا مِن فَضلِهِ وَلَعَلَّكُم تَشكُرونَ

اور اُسی کی نشانیوں میں سے ہے کہ ہواؤں کو بھیجتا ہے کہ خوشخبری دیتی ہیں تاکہ تم کو اپنی رحمت کے مزے چکھائے اور تاکہ اس کے حکم سے کشتیاں چلیں اور تاکہ اس کے فضل سے (روزی) طلب کرو عجب نہیں کہ تم شکر کرو

And of His signs is this: He sendeth herald winds to make you taste His mercy, and that the ships may sail at His command, and that ye may seek his favour, and that haply ye may be thankful. (46)

As it is clear from the above mentioned verses, the laws of nature, no matter how predictable, are subject to ALLAH (swt)’s will. It’s not just that the universe was created by ALLAH (swt) and triggered in a self-perpetuation state. No. ALLAH (swt) is well and truly at the helm of His eternal kingdom. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, cyclones, tremors, and epidemics like dengue fever, cholera and plague are not signs of chaos, but the exceptions that prove the rule. They are but just a way to remind human beings that they’re not left unanswerable and that they’re not indispensable. There were much mightier civilizations than the current one which have been swept clean from the face of this earth in such catastrophes. As if they never were.

For those affected by this current debacle, and for those who’re witnessing it happen, maybe ALLAH (swt) has given a chance to ponder in his Ayaat. We’ve got to take the time out of our busy schedules to look into ourselves and in the universe. Human being has become lonelier and lonelier but the solitude that lets us think about our Creator is still a rare commodity. We should relish this chance. Any calamity that makes us closer to our Lord is not a calamity, it’s a blessing. And smart and practical people grab blessings with both hands!

May ALLAH (swt) makes us one of his dear ones. Ameen

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