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Posted in Rants by baigsaab on February 3, 2010

Pakistan’s water resources are under threat of being dried out soon!

Pakistan’s water problems are only a part of its already full plate. Internal and external terrorism, power outages, fuel shortages, unemployment and chaos are also part of our troubles. On the water front, India is reportedly building scores of new dams on rivers flowing into Pakistan, 90 to be precise! If these dams do see the light of day- the first dam is expected somewhere around 2014- Pakistan’s mainland is going to be hit with a severe water shortage. Crops are forecasted to yield a shocking 30% less in that situation, so we’ll be in shortage of food and water at the same time. River water is also essential for livestock which will also be hit with lower production and possibly higher mortality rate. It would be a bleak picture. A very bleak one must admit.

Still, I have hope. Hope that ALLAH (swt) will help us. Who knows, with ALLAH’s mercy, we may see an altogether new and larger river springing out of Pakistan itself. We may see a totally radical solution to power supply that makes us the leaders in world’s power production. Terrorism is, as most of us agree, an issue that can be resolved with political acumen and statesmanship, if that kind of leadership is made available to us. If the world’s poorest country can make the super power to beg for negotiations after 8 long years, then nothing is a far cry. Nothing!

All we need to do is to repent collectively on all that we did in the last 60 years. Pakistan, the gift of ALLAH(swt) to the Muslims of the world, has been left by us to the scavengers who have been taking turns on each other to finish this country off. We, the citizens of Pakistan, have let ourselves down for too long. Now is the time to repent.

O you who believe! If you help (in the cause of) Allâh, He will help you, and make your foothold firm. (Al Quran-47:7)

Let’s seek forgiveness from our Lord. I have every reason to believe that even if a handful of living souls decided to try and please ALLAH (swt), this country, and this world, will be much better places to live! It’s about time we choose the right side.

Remember, when the time comes, it’s belief that is the difference between the bystander and the last man standing!

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