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Haq Wazeh Hai!

Posted in Rants by baigsaab on November 14, 2009

Recently, a dear friend of mine, Abdul Ahad, was martyred while resisting a mobile snatching attempt. He was a young lad and was truly the personification of “good” in these selfish times. He was polite, obedient, studious, caring and above all, a true practicing Muslim who considered Islam to be a system of life instead of a set of rituals.

His brother Farrukh Hassan, who is one my dearest friends and whom I’ve known for a decade now, is a management consultant and an instructor at a local business school, he’s also persuing his research for PhD with Karachi University. Farrukh wrote this writeup after Abdul Ahad’s martyrdom. It’s a moving piece of writing which not only makes one cry but also a practical one giving something to act upon instead of leaving a void of helplessness.

This is all about change that starts from one’s own self. Nothing extraordinary. No fancy fanhood, no need for donation. Just one request, don’t let anyone oppress you. Let’s not let Abdul Ahad’s blood go in vain and say no to street crimes and oppression!

Haq Wazeh Hai
Haq Wazeh Hai
Haq Wazeh Hai


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