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Change We “Can’t” Believe in!

Posted in Rants by baigsaab on June 7, 2008

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign hinges on one pivot: Change!

From US’s Iraq policy to Universal Health care and from Home Financing to NAFTA, he has got a plateful of changes to offer to the American people. And it’s not a surprise that the world is seeing Obama as the agent of change, but is he for real?

At his address at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), it is once again clear that in order to get elected as a president in the US, the biggest asset one can have is a favorable nod from the Zionists in Israel. When it comes to relations with Israel, the young senator from Illinois talks about bolstering ties with Israel, strengthening her security and eliminating threats to her. Isn’t it more of the same? US playing big brother and supporting Israel in its war mongering and genocide in the Gaza region. To tell the Jewish lobby to stop the killings of innocent children in Palestine, that’s more likely a change isn’t it? But with such huge Jewish fundings in the american Elections, no one’s going to tell the truth, not even the first African-American presidential candidate!

Watch Senator Obama wooing the wealthy king-makers at AIPAC, a jewish lobbyist groups working in the US, also worth mentioning is that this was the very next day after he made history by clinching the nomination of the democratic party.


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