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10-minute guide to a successful business

Posted in Rants by baigsaab on November 18, 2004
Want to earn quick money? How about investing in a business that’ll break-even within a fortnight? Interested? Read ahead. What I have for you is a panacea for any budding entrepreneur. And be merry, for I ask of no reward! So what is this fantastic idea any way? Well, it’s to set up an IT institute!!! Bemused? Don’t be. In the lines that follow, I’ll show you just how setting up an IT institute will make you rich. I have for you just the perfect business plan. So, without further ado, here it is.
The plan
To launch any business, you have to ask yourself a bunch of trivial questions such as, from where to grab the capital? Where your business would be situated? And the least important, is it worth the effort?
Don’t even bother about the first two – capital and land are as readily available as in accounting text books. Second of all, with this kind of a compelling business plan, any bank will lend you money. And besides, you don’t need to have a hefty pocket for a start. Locality and vicinity of your business is also a non-issue. What may bother you is the third question. That is: is it worth all the effort? To answer the question, take a look around. Come out of your house and count the number of IT institutes within 20 plots on either side of your residence. In some areas, this count gets to no less than 15, with a standard deviation of five. And there are large numbers of students swarming in all of them – three squares a day. This should be enough proof to show that your business shall prove to be a success beyond proportions.
After these three trivial issues, let’s take a look at some non-trivial ones.

Beware of the conscience
During the course of formulation of the business plan, beware of the “guilty conscience” syndrome. “Education is not a business” is the comment that you may get confronted with and it’s utterly important that you suppress it. Try to conjure smart answers like “I am not taking it as a business” or “I am here to make a difference”. More often than not, cheeky answers like these are good enough to make your conscience go back to sleep.
So once you’ve curbed the conscience, it’s time to put the resources into use. You have to arrange for human resource, space and some other things. Let’s check all of them one at a time.
Human resource
You have got to get human resource in terms of both faculty and pupil; don’t even think about hiring servers or attendants, people should learn doing their own work. The issue of hiring the faculty may also prove to be quite uncomplicated. Anyone in your household would be good enough, the more people from within the house, the better, wealth should stay within the dynasty! And after all, how difficult should it be to learn to teach others a few mouse clicks and a bunch of drags-and-drops?
You know it fairly well that space is a non-issue. Your own house would be good enough. No need to spare a lot of room, just a couple of rooms will work. It’s proven practically, people are running institutes in a room. You can rent out another room for a canteen, and another for photocopying. Options are unlimited.
Courses to teach
What you have to do now is to decide on the length of the courses. Some go for the 4 years, some for 3. But I think one year courses are a market niche. Make people believe they can achieve what took others as much as thrice the time. Make your courses a cocktail of all the buzz words. Grab a couple of latest buzz words from the market. Try to make a few of your own; people are allured to acronyms more than simple words. You should come up with quite a few of them. Now catch a few of the ever-green ones, you can have Assembly, C++, Pascal, Java, VR, 3-DM etc. Your course outline is ready.

Well, here you are. This feasibility is good enough for a smart person like you. However, if you think IT is not a niche anymore, you can also offer language courses for English, German and French. Or for that matter you can offer courses stuff like medical transcription or other hot words. What’s important is that you understand the core concept. Education is a business and when every one around you is making a fortune out of it, you shouldn’t lag anymore. People are willing to pay for the dreams you are about to sell. So we shouldn’t wake them up from the dreams they’ve subscribed to. We just have to provide them with enough space whereby they can sleep tight while we get paid to make them think they’re making the best out of their time. The opportunities are legion, trust me.


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